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Tierra de Campos

With more than 4,300 km2, is one of the biggest regions in Europe. It’s a wide treeless plain in which virtually the only thing that stands out, as watchtowers, are the towers of the churches of the small villages numerous.

Landscape is simple but full of light, with a variety of shades and colours changing with the seasons. Are the browns of the land, greens and yellows of the sown fields of cereals, and the reds of amazing sunsets.

The mud and straw of cereal are the materials of construction. Houses, corrals and typical dovecotes are made of adobe and mud wall. The numerous churra sheep flocks remind us that we can satisfy our hunger with the best "lechazo" roasted in wood oven

The great writer Miguel Delibes described Tierra de Campos:
“Endowed with a landscape with minimal elements… Castile spectacular, precisely because of lack of ornaments, by the total absence of show.”


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